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Welcome to The Ecology of the Soul,  a psycho-spiritual system for the mind, body and spirit, a map with which we uncover and regenerate our innate mental and spiritual powers, and restore the balance of our own  internal eco-system.

Only when we understand our own inner ecology – the Ecology of the Soul – can we regain the peace, power and wellbeing that we know to be our natural right, our true state of being. When the Ecology of the Soul is in balance, we live and thrive in this world – and create the new one – with grace, harmony and beauty.

The point being that all the peace and power that you could ever want or need, and far far more besides – an unlimited amount –  is inside you. It’s not somewhere else for you to go and gather, collect up and somehow imbibe, infuse yourself with. It’s not outside. It’s inside. When you understand the Seven Powers that make up your own inner eco-system, bring them to the front of your consciousness, feel them, meditate on them, nourish and nurture and tend them, when the ecology of the Soul that is You comes into balance, that’s when you start living your truth as a human being. That’s what we call ‘Spiritual Success’. Unlimited, untapped resources of peace, power and wellbeing are already yours.

Welcome to your new world.

The Seven Spiritual Powers, the elements of the Ecology of the Soul, are:

• The Power of Nature
• The Power of Creativity
• The Power of Endurance
• The Power of Love
• The Power of Communication
• The Power of Focus
• The Power of Connection

Each power has seven Meditations attached to it for your easy daily practice. (And each one has a direct connection to its equivalent among the Seven Chakras, but all will be revealed.) They are designed to feed into your ‘Magic Minute’ of meditation, the main category you see on the ‘Posts’ page (click above). The thought-provoking thoughts to start your daily minute of Meditation are called ‘Power Seeds’ because they are designed to ‘plant’ your new (actually re-discovered), powerful, peaceful thought patterns in the unruly garden of your mind. You will return to the atmosphere that the meditation has created throughout the day, gaining peace and presence of mind, spiritual and mental power and endurance, greater contentment, clearer focus. It’s what balance feels like.

The Book is currently in production. Download sample texts here.

In the meantime, enjoy.


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